About us

Gemini Computers is a computer shop in Bridgwater run by Andre Bitton and a small team of employees.
Gemini Computers has been running for over 20 years and moved location in 2017. The computer shop deals with PC’s, laptops, mobiles and more! They offer a very competitive service on fixing computers and phones.

What we offer

  • Free quotes for repairs
  • on-site technicians 
  • Phone Unlocking
  • Computer and Smartphone advice

What we can do

  • Laptop/Computer Repairs
  • Smartphone Repairs 
  • Custom build computers

Here's a list of some of the things available for our customers

To Buy: 

  • PC's 
  • Used Laptops
    - Checked and tested by our on-site technicians. 
  • Used and New Smartphones
  • Gaming Headsets 
  • Monitors
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Phone cases 
    - For Samsung, HTC, Iphone and Sony. 
  • Headphones/Earphones
  • Various connection and adaption wires available 
  • Printer Ink 
  • Various computer parts/components 
  • Speakers
  • Power Supplies 
  • Cooling fans 
  • RAM
  • HDD
  • Compressed Air 
  • CD's/DVD's + Cases (hard cases and paper/plastic)